uShip is a shipping marketplace that focuses on larger than parcel items – anything from your car, to your couch, to crate stacking, freight shipping – with both a Consumer and Enterprise product offering. As a Senior Designer at uShip, I practice human centered design with the goal of building helpful tools for people who need them. Some highlights from my time there so far:

  • I’ve been a project-specific Design Lead through all phases including Discovery, Research, Experience Design, User Testing, Prototyping, Visual Design, Design Documentation and Production
  • With a small team, I’ve led the creation and implementation of our new Design Language System
  • I’ve developed Vision/Blue Sky Design & experience strategy for future product offerings
  • I’ve established new design and development collaboration workflows



Senior Designer


Web, Mobile, UI


  • Designed and developed a new Design Language System to drive product cohesion
  • The DLS is not only a style guide, but a Pattern Library of reusable visual and interaction components 
  • Establishing the DLS allows uShip to take a systematic approach to future efforts, both in design and development
  • The DLS is a living system that may be updated and changed at any time


  • Multiple projects to improve the process of creating a listing in the marketplace, interacting with a listing, and managing a shipment once it’s been booked from both the side of the Shipping Customer and the Transportation Provider
  • Lead through all phases including discovery, research, experience design, user testing, prototyping, visual design, design documentation and production


  • Created a new uShip Homepage & How it Works section with the goals of better representing what uShip is and what kind of user types we support
  • Conducted usability testing sessions to evolve and validate the design
  • Used this exercise to further develop the art direction and tone of the uShip product and marketing efforts
  • Ensured all new pages account for responsive viewing and internationalization support
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